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Breast Implant Sizes 

Given what a breast obsessed civilization we have become, the choice of the perfect breast implant sizes has become more and more difficult for women who want to undertake this surgery. Going for bigger breast implant sizes is normally preferred, although some women are interested in breast reduction prices, but what women forget is that there may be severe complications that may just mean more surgeries, extra recovery time and more expenditure.

So how to make a decision when it comes to breast implant sizes? Begin by educating yourself on other peoples’ experiences by reading their stories on the internet - iTalkBeauty has good first hand experiences. You might find it useful to view their before and after photos that show the difference between their breast implant sizes. Next, consult your surgeon with whatever expectations that you have. If he’s a professional and experienced doctor, he may be very valuable in terms of discussing all the realistic pros and cons of what you really want and different implant sizes by taking into account your anatomy. He will also check if whether your skin is lax enough to cover the implants. Several surgeons have 3-D imaging machines that allow you to see what your breasts may look like given different breast implant sizes. You may also want to look into liposuction prices and other plastic surgery prices to combine your procedures. 

Just for your extra knowledge, breast implant sizes are available in both saline and silicone. Unlike how bra cups are sized, breast implant sizes are measured in terms if cubic centimeters and range from 120cc to 850cc. 

Other options to check how you will look in a particular size include the rice bag method and the popular breast implant sizes that are manufactured comparable to the size and volume of the real implants. The former approach involves filling a square plastic bag with rice and then stuffing that into your round cup bra. You can either see yourself in the mirror and judge on your own if this is what you want, or take pictures and get your family and friends to give their honest opinions. This procedure is not only simple, but very cheap as well. However, you might not get very accurate results, so do not rely on it completely.  

Using sizes for testing different breast implant sizes is a better option. You can literally try out all the breast implant sizes before you even go through the surgery! Most of these are extremely comfortable, lightweight and natural in look and feel. The good part is you can wear them even outdoors. So why not get a glimpse of other peoples’ reactions and feedback beforehand? In fact, you can also see if the larger size makes you comfortable and confident about your appearance or not. So there is no need for guess work. By wearing these sizes for some time, under various conditions and beneath all kinds of clothes, you will be able to make the perfect decision as far as breast implant sizes are concerned.            

Take your time in deciding the final size that you want and remember that going for bigger sizes may not always keep you from feeling dissatisfied at the end. It is YOUR body, so do what makes you happy for the most part.  

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