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Breast Lift Prices

Breast lift prices are not standard for any one location or even surgeon, varying from $3,500 to $7,000. So you might find it useful to know beforehand what factors affect breast lift prices if you plan on getting this surgery done sometime soon.

The surgeon’s fee is the main chunk of the breast lift prices, but that does not mean you start finding one who costs you less presently but may be very expensive in the long run. You should not take this step lightly, it might just have some severe complications if you don’t plan things right and are more concerned with breast lift prices than quality. So then it is important to look for a board certified, reputable and experienced surgeon.  

If your surgeon resides in an affluent geographic location, then be prepared to pay high breast lift prices. Also, be sure to ask your surgeon where your surgery will be performed before you actually decide to get one done. This is because using hospital facilities instead of a private operating suite just increases breast lift prices. So it is better if you are aware of this from the start.   

Breast lift prices are also determined by what type of breast lift you choose to get depending on the degree of your sagging or ptosis. A full breast lift is more complex and requires more time and effort due to the greater number of incisions, compared to a modified lift. So make sure you know how this changes breast lift prices. The anesthesia that is used during this operation also depends on the requirement. Some types make use of a general anesthesia, others of a local one. The former is expensive and might make you add another thousand dollars to the total breast lift prices.

If you plan on having other surgeries including breast augmentation, liposuction or any other, along with a breast lift, then this will be added to the total cost. Combining liposuction prices, breast reduction prices and plastic surgery prices can create a more economical package. Just make sure you know that a breast lift does not last forever, especially due to aging and gravity. Any changes in your weight will also not keep the results permanent. So you might need to get a breast lift redone. Just as a tip, if you plan on having children then it will be a good idea to wait until you are done with it completely. The reason for this is that pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause your breasts to sag again. 

Pre operative care can cost you some money as well. In this case, breast lift prices may be affected by the medications that will be prescribed by your doctor or any surgical and support bras that you will have to wear for some time after your operation.  

For some of you breast lift prices may be very reasonable. But because they are not covered by insurance unless they are a part of post cancer breast reconstruction, so you might like the idea of exploring other options.   For instance, check if your surgeon has some sort of an installment scheme. Other than this there are many credit companies that offer financing for elective surgeries. So keep a look out for anything of the sort that makes this surgery even more within your means.  

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