Breast Implants Prices
What You Can Expect To Pay For Breast Implants


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Silicone Breast Implant Sizes

There are many reasons that you might consider getting breast implants. It may be for vanity reasons or if you are a recent breast cancer survivor and just want to have a decent semblance of a chest. The most widely used product for breast implants are either silicone or saline implants and they are readily available. The prices for them are not the same, as they are obviously different in terms of composition but most clinics will let you choose which one you would prefer. Many aspects will have to be considered before getting breast implants and most clinics and doctors do not charge the same rates.

Fifth generation silicone breast implants are implants filled with silicone gel and are among the safest of silicone implants. They have a more realistic feel when they are inserted under the mammary glands and can last for longer periods of time without rupturing as the gel form they are in prevents the silicone from leaking. There are many silicone breast implant sizes and shapes to choose from. Most women pick the circular or disc shaped silicone implant that can weigh anywhere from 100 grams to almost 400 grams. There are bigger sizes available but it will be up to the surgeon to decide how much bigger a patients’ implant can go.

The first step in getting breast implants is to find a suitable doctor to operate on you. Once he has agreed to do the procedure then determining the silicone breast implant size is the next step, other things that need to be discussed is the date of operation, which facility is available, the fees of the laboratory or other procedures needed before operation and calculating the total cost of the surgery. The patient is advised to stay a few days in the hospital as her condition will be strictly monitored. Some women opt to go home a day after the surgery but this is usually done when a waiver to file suit is signed.

Most women will usually take a few days to get used to having larger breasts; they often feel a little back pain as the increased weight pulls down on their spine. Others may also have side effects such as rashes or a little pain as their body’s immune system rejects it. Some adverse side effects in getting breast implants are secondary infection due to bacteria or that the silicone gel was accidentally sliced open during surgery. This can cause inflammation on the chest area and often discoloration due to hematoma (blood clots) can be seen. Patients are advised to immediately consult their doctors so as a remedy or an emergency operation can be made to relieve the swelling. But statistically, breast augmentation surgeries are less likely to cause any adverse reactions as the procedure has greatly improved over time. Yet, as a precautionary measure, be honest in stating your medical history with your doctor. It is important that he knows of past infections and all kinds of allergies to be able to assess whether you are able to handle the augmentation procedure successfully.